Falci Specialist Carborundum Sharpening Stone

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The Falci Specialist Carborundum Stone is a classic synthetic silicon carbide honing stone. 22 cm. Double sided medium grit. Fairly aggressive, but sharpens well.

It can be used to sharpen scythes, knives, scissors, razors, and carpentry tools such as chisels and planers.

This stone often comes with some excess "loose" grit on the surface that makes it initially feel more coarse than it actually is. After a few uses the excess wears off and the smoother surface is revealed.

Length: 9"

Width: 1 & 1/4"

Thickness: 1/2" 

  • Medium grain
  • 9.5 Mohs hardness
  • Double sided
  • Made in Italy
  • High quality silicon carbide
  • 22 cm long
  • 300g