The Balcony Gardens - Where a Little Work Produces Great Benefits

Who says you need a backyard to have a garden? Not us! A simple balcony is all that’s required to set up your own little garden environment. And at a time when more and more people opt to live in urban areas and small plot townhouses, a garden balcony may be the only option on the table. There are a number of benefits that having a garden balcony provide, and there are many types that you can create at home. We’ll discuss what these are in this article and we’ll also touch on the most useful garden balcony tools that can help turn your lackluster balcony space into something you can be proud of for years and years.

Garden balconies: the benefits

Any garden space – whether in your backyard or on your balcony – can help create a space of calm and tranquility at home. And God knows everyone could use some of that: especially in inner city environments, finding a place to unwind and relax can be difficult. Although you can’t really do much about the sound of street traffic, public transport, or noisy neighbors, you can dress your balcony up with lush ferns, colourful pot plants and install a soothing water feature to help transplant you from your urban environment to some tropical paradise.

Of course, suburban dwellers are also advantaged by the humble garden balcony as it gives them another part of the home to sit, read and catch up on sleep. If your home errs on the small side and is lacking in space, then creating a garden on your balcony can extend the floor space of your home, and allow you to add your own unique touch to this new environment.

Balcony gardens also require less maintenance and upkeep than regular backyard gardens. No lawn means no regular mowing. And the comparatively small space of most balconies means that you can spend more of your time enjoying your garden, and less time working to keep it trim and tidy.

Last but not least, balcony gardens are ideal for growing your own vegetables and herbs, and promise much fresher produce than what you can find in most supermarkets. It will also save you many trips to the shops or green grocer in a rush to get those tomatoes, or that bit of thyme for a dinner you’re preparing.

Garden balconies: your options

There are many different types of balcony gardens that you can create at home. All require very little effort to maintain, and most don’t require too much longer than a single weekend to set up. Obviously, the size of your balcony may be the main determinant of the balcony garden you end up creating. However, with a little creativity and outside the box thinking, just about any type of garden can be created on just about any balcony space. Which one you choose to build depends on what you want out of it. Here are some of the more popular types that may piqué your interest.

Zen space

Create a balcony garden that even a Zen monk would feel comfortable in. As with anything Zen – the less the better. Install a trickling water feature, lay some pebbles and small rocks in simplistic formations, and add lots of bamboo to the mix. All that’s left for you to do is turn off that monkey mind of yours.

Vegetable and herb garden

Tend to your own tomatoes, lemons and carrots, and grow your own basil, rosemary, thyme, and other fragrant herbs on your own little balcony garden. Having a balcony garden at home is a lot of fun; plus it will save you money in the long run as you won’t need to buy your produce and herbs at costly supermarkets. Growing your own is also great for your health as you can harvest your own produce without the use of harsh chemicals. They’re also guaranteed to be much fresher than what you could buy at any supermarket.

Check out some vegetable balcony gardens here

Picnic space

Another popular option around is the balcony garden cum picnic space. Great for those pleasant afternoons and evenings, they give you the perfect space to entertain your close friends and family at home. They’re not too difficult to set up, either. Fit a BBQ and a small table and chairs and you’re ready to go. Or, lay some synthetic turf and do away with the tables and chairs completely – sit on your faux lawn and enjoy your meal whilst in the company of loved ones.

Chill space

Grab a couple of hammocks or outdoor cushion beds, some pillows, and a low lying table (or two) and create the perfect chill pad for your home. Dress the balcony up with pot plants and a feature wall with growing vines to complete the space. Then, hook your iPhone or iPad to a set of outdoor speakers, play some mellow music, and sink deeper into your much needed slumber.

Check out some picnic & chill spaces here

Tools of the trade

Let’s get things straight: you won’t be needing any shovels, rakes or wheelbarrows on your balcony garden. Think tools, but smaller. Most of the tools you’ll need will easily fit into your hands, which makes storage a breeze. Here are some of the more useful ones you’ll need.


Attending to your balcony garden can get messy at times. Although gloves aren’t necessary, they’re useful if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. They’re also great for people who are allergic or sensitive to certain plants and soils. Of course, gloves will also protect your hands from sharp thorns or plant needles.


Similar to using gloves, a trowel will help keep your hands clean. A good trowel can help you plant new potted plants or mix nutrients or fertilizers into your soil. They’re also far more useful when digging through compacted soil.

Watering can

Although a simple water jug can be used to water your plants, a watering can will give you a much finer spray which is helpful when watering delicate plants and herbs.


Last but not least, garden pruners are essential in any garden – including your humble balcony garden. Pruners allow you to make clean cuts on your plants which prevent them from getting plant-based diseases, and are much stronger than regular household scissors. 

So there you have it. Creating a balcony garden can help turn your home or apartment into a more relaxing space, and give you a number of additional benefits. There are many different types of balcony garden you can choose from, and each won’t require too much maintenance or upkeep to keep them looking their greatest. Of course, you will need to do some work on your balcony garden; but the right tools will make this as quick and easy as possible.

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