Gardening Ideas for the Busy Bee

Are you someone who has always dreamt of a well-maintained garden but could not find time to actually create one or manage an existing one? Gardens aren't just for the home buddies with lots of free time. Whether you are a mom with kids and chores to tend to or someone with a 5-day corporate job, there is hope! You can have and enjoy your very own garden without having to sacrifice too much of your precious time. Here are some great gardening ideas you can try out.                                                                                                                                                                 

Choose plants that require minimal maintenance

Some plants require complicated planting methods or extensive maintenance and these are the plants you need to take off your list. If you want a vegetable garden, steer away from eggplants, tomatoes, and the likes because they require careful handling and these are prone to diseases and viruses. Instead, choose the type of garden that you can tend to during the weekends and will thrive despite the lack of frequent tender loving care. An herb garden, for example, is both beautiful and easy to maintain. You just need simple tools like a Falci Specialist Two Prong Hoe and watering can, and a few hours per week to set the garden up and keep it going. Plus, you get to enjoy the herbal benefits without breaking a sweat.

Install an artificial turf for your lawn

If you want a grass lawn that does not require meticulous weeding or mowing, then a synthetic backyard putting green for weekend golfing, picnics, or simply playing catch with your dog is highly recommended. There are artificial grass companies that can help install one properly for you. It involves a process of preparing the soil, then layering it with rocks and more soil to make sure it is ready to accommodate the artificial grass. The great thing about this type of lawn is that it is very manageable. You don't have to water it as often as you would real grass and, with a rake, you can easily comb through it to keep it looking good.

Hire a professional landscaper and gardener

Hiring a professional to do the work for you is actually a sound investment. While it requires you to pay, it helps save you from exerting time and effort that are quite a luxury for someone as busy as you are. Landscapers and gardeners not only plan, set up, and create your garden, they also offer maintenance services. You can even opt for a regular maintenance service where they come in regular intervals during a year to tend to your garden. Their services can even be customized depending on the type of plants you have and the necessary tasks appropriate for each and every season in a year. This way, you can just hang out on your patio and enjoy the breath-taking view of your garden or simply gaze at it from your window, all without neglecting any chore or skipping a day or two away from work.


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