Five tips on how to make the most of your outdoor space

For many people living in the big cities your garden may be smaller leading you to feel cramped and restricted in your outdoor area. Never fear, there are ways to brighten and increase up your garden space. Here are our 5 top tips on how to make the most of your small outdoor space.


Clear garden, clear mind

A key to making a smaller space more appealing is letting the space breathe. Clear the clutter, tangled trees, and unkempt bushes. These obstacles can ruin views and darken the interior. Get a good set of pruners and loppers to prune away extra brush. Let the light in and don’t overcrowd it with too many plants or features. Build a vertical garden, allowing the foreground space to be freed up for personal use.


Avoid large furniture

A swinging bench and a table built for a banquet in a small garden is just not going to work. Be realistic with your space. Create a focal point like a colourful chair, water feature or a large expressive plant. Place the larger specimens closer to where you are situated and the lighter colours further away – creating an illusion of more space.


Add quirk and personality

Don’t feel afraid to accessorize a smaller garden. Adding minimal statement features creates a charming and special environment to be shared with others. Things like water features, colourful hangings and modern sculptures can add excitement and beauty to smaller gardens. Remember though, clear garden, clear mind – no overcrowding! Little surprises embedded in the plants will add charm and fun to a unique space.



When the sun finally sets behind the horizon this doesn’t need to mean the garden has to become a redundant space. For evening entertainment purposes, add fairy lights or tall standing candles to provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere to be spent with good company. Adding suitable lighting creates a pretty and quirky space that will make your guests never want to leave!


Choose purpose for the garden

Is it a space you want to admire through the window? Is it where you want to grow vegetables, or socialise in? Whatever your purpose may be, one or two chairs and a small table make an attractive retreat for you to sit and read in the summer sun. Make space for people even if the only thing you can fit in is a little path or a couple of chairs.


Use perspective

If the fence is a prominent feature it will emphasise the restrictions of the garden. Opt for taller plants to disguise the boundaries and paint fences a natural colour, for example a grass green or deep purple. This will help camouflage the boundaries and focus on the creative space.

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