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Rinaldi Giustina Cleaver Polymer Handle
The manaresso is a cleaver-like class of Italian tool used for chopping just about anything that needs to be chopped! The Giustina pattern is something like an Italian version of a golok and performs many of the same sorts of chopping and slashing tasks very nicely. Features an ergonomic and shock-a..
$52.80 Ex Tax: $52.80
Rinaldi Machete W/ Polymer Handle
A heck of a brutal chopping tool, the Rinaldi Italian Machete is a force to be reckoned with, but it was just begging us to have a little fun in the shop with it. The distal-tapered forged blade has had the tip reshaped to a fine drop point and the grind brought significantly thinner and extended al..
$77.50 Ex Tax: $77.50