Falci Specialist Grub Hoe 800 O/round H/wood

Code: 244015M80
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The 800g version of the Falci Specialist Grub Hoe. After using the Falci Specialist Grub Hoe, you will never look at your gardening tools the same. You will find no better tool for cultivating a new garden or raised bed, removing sod, digging trenches, and reminding you of the joys of working in your garden. This heavy duty hoe melts through the earth, especially hard, rocky, or clay-based soil, like a warm knife through soft butter (it’s true).

Kept sharp and well maintained, this hoe will literally cut your work in half. Why would you want to spend twice the time and effort working with frustrating, lesser quality, tools when you can use the Falci Specialist Grub Hoe to make your gardening and landscaping work easy? With a lifetime guarantee, you will love this tool for a long long time.