Angelo B 18 Tine Wood Hay Rake W/handle

Code: 04-10-10
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These are very high-quality, lightweight, Italian-made, traditional wooden alpine-style hayrakes. The angle of the rake head functions more like a hay "comb". The long and closely spaced teeth are set at an angle that enables them to slide almost parallel to the ground, and to cleanly comb fine hay or grass from the field. Great for raking up lawn trimmings, and fine dry hay. 6 foot Poplar wood handles. 26 inch wide ash wood head, with 4 inch ashwood teeth spaced 1.5 inches apart. Total weight approximately 1#14oz, (837g). Unfinished bare wood. (It is recommended that you lightly sand and seal with linseed oil and turpentine mixed 50/50, or use this favorite oil sealer from Bioshield)