Falci Specialist Grass Scythe Mod. 106

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The Falci Specialist Grass Scythe Mod. 106 is Falci's most popular model scythe. Falci scythes are known worldwide as the best quality scythes still being produced. Featuring a forged Italian steel blade and a strong sturdy neck, the Falci Specialist Grass Scythe is the favorite of many of the world's expert mowers. The blade is easy to peen and sharpen and maintains a sharp, thin edge.

Scythe use is an excellent, sustainable way to mow your grass or to reap crops. Scything is regaining popularity in the US because scythes don't use gas and don't make noise but do cut grass and make for great exercise. And with Falci Scythes, there is no better tool for the job.

* Size:

  • Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Forged and tempered for strength, toughness, and durability
  • Extremely light weight and easy to use.
  • 30 mm tang
  • Unique old-world European design made to last generations
  • Our best selling item!
  • Premium grade Savoy steel
  • Available in 65 and 70 cm lengths. Great for beginning scythe users
  • 400 g.
  • Razor sharp cutting edge and made for easy peening and sharpening
  • Produced by skilled Italian craftsmen utilizing a 400 year old tool-making tradition